Our Services

Our Services

Design for New Build or Refurbishments

One of our designers will undertake a design consultation with the owner, architect and/or main contractor, the designer will then produce an initial schematic duct layout from the information, this will then be passed to all parties to assess the layout. The designer will coordinate with other sub-contractors, such as electricians to ensure there are no clashes with lighting layouts etc. Once construction is underway, a full site survey is undertaken by the designer to check and any amendments to the schematic will be made where required. This is then passed back to the client or main contractor for sign off.

 Full Installation Service

Our BPEC qualified specialist installation team will undertake all route clearance required to complete the install including masonry core drilling and complete installation of the system. Our team will have extra parts and spares in case of any on-site changes that need to be made.

The BPEC qualification insures that the system will meet building regulations and conforms to the installation techniques and requirements set out by BPEC.

Buddy Support Installation

Our buddy support service is a supervised install, one of our specialist installers will be on-site with client or client representative. They will work with you to help install the system correctly and quickly. One of the advantages of working with an experienced installer is if there are any on-site changes required due to building constraints or clashes with other services, the installer has the knowledge to make and implement any design changes.

This service offers good value for money for someone who is practical and has time. The service is charged at a daily rate and we will support you for as long as you need. Most installations will need just one day of buddy support, leaving you to complete any straight forward installation work. During our time with you, you will have access to all the tools and spares that might be required. This includes our masonry core drilling equipment. We will aim to complete all the complex sections of the installation, leaving you with the simple sections to complete, once we are off site we will to give telephone support when required.